Saturday, September 29, 2007 6:52 PM

Tracy Pierce Memorial Candlelight Vigil - September 28th, 2007

Washington, D.C. -- On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Tracy Pierce is honored during a candlelight vigil in his memory.

Tracy Pierce lost his life on January 18th, 2006 at the age of 37 after a courageous 16-month battle with Kidney Cancer. Tracy had health insurance through his wife’s employer who continually denied the lifesaving treatments ordered by his physician, causing Tracy's "death by denial." Tracy was a Journeyman Carpenter with Local #61 in Kansas City, Missouri. Tracy was the proud father of a 15 year old boy, a brother, a son, a friend to many and the husband of Julie Pierce. Julie promised her husband that his fight would not end with his death. Tracy’s story is featured in "SiCKO" along with many other Americans who suffered heart wrenching losses as their for-profit health insurance companies gained financially.

Members of Tracy Pierce's family
(brother Kevin Pierce, son Tracy Pierce, Jr., and widow Julie Pierce) kneel in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Friday evening, Sept. 28, after a vigil in memory of Tracy. Tracy Pierce's story is featured in SiCKO and represents the stories of many Americans who have lost their lives due to the health care crisis in this nation. Behind the Pierce family members are SiCKO's Larry and Donna Smith, John Graham and Adrian Campbell with members of the California Nurses Association. The CNA co-sponsored the vigil along with HealthCare-Now, Physicians for a National Health Plan, Progressive Democrats of America, HealthCare for All Colorado and American Patients for Universal Health Care.

Larry and Donna Smith (left and center) are also featured in "SiCKO." They lost their home, but they did not lose their dignity or their passion to fight for health care justice. Donna founded and created American Patients for Universal Health Care (APUHC) in July 2007. CLiCK here to see American SiCKO Donna Smith speak at the vigil.

Before the vigil, American SiCKO Adrian Campbell and Donna and Larry Smith attended the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's annual legislative conference. Pictured is H.R. 676 Sponsor Rep. John Conyers, Jr. with Adrian. CLiCK here to see American SiCKO Adrian Campbell promoting H.R. 676.

Oklahoma City -- In front of the Oklahoma State Capitol, Tracy Pierce is remembered in the battle for health care justice.

American SiCKO Reggie Cervantes addresses the crowd during a Health Care Justice rally. Reggie Cervantes worked as a volunteer emergency medical worker at ground zero in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the twin towers. Cervantes suffers from a number of respiratory problems, as well as post traumatic stress disorder, due to the time she spent at the site. Cervantes -- who worked as a volunteer emergency medical technician for nine years -- traveled to Cuba with Michael Moore to receive medical attention and appeared in 'SiCKO.' She now lives in Oklahoma City with her two children.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007 3:45 AM

SiCKOS on the Hill

"I think one movie can make a difference."
-- Michael Moore

Statements before the U.S. House of Representatives:
Andy Bales, Dawnelle Keys, Julie Pierce

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Monday, May 28, 2007 12:00 PM

A Shot in the Arm

A Shot in the Arm
"People know there's a problem in the health care system, but most people don't talk about it over dinner. This will engender those conversations around the country."

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