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Within 10 Minutes I Was in a Bed

From: Al
Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 8:51 AM
To: mmflint@aol.com
Subject: Hospital Care in Canada

Hello Mr. Moore,

Great job as always with Sicko! It was very interesting to see the way your
health care system operates. I have many friends that live in the US, and it
makes me sad knowing they may end up in a situation like the ones shown in
your movie. I had always presumed that if you had health insurance in the
US, you were covered. I didn’t know about all the red tape that comes with

I would like to share a story about the health care system in Canada. Please
know that this is not a criticism on your system, but a clarification on our
system. While my story isn’t as drastic as some of the others on the site,
it does point out the incredible care that I received.

I was rushed to the hospital last year when I had severe stomach pains. My
wife took me into the emergency room, and within 10 minutes I was in a bed
getting treatment.

After a preliminary exam, the doctor was under the impression that I had
appendicitis. I was brought upstairs, and underwent an ultrasound. When the
doctor looked at the results, he concluded it was indeed appendicitis.
However, just to be absolutely sure, I was sent for a CT scan. I was brought
back down to the emergency room, and within 1 hour I was back upstairs
getting prepped for surgery.

I spent the night in the hospital, and had a wonderful nurse that came and
checked on me every few hours to make sure I was ok, and if I needed
anything. The next afternoon when she brought my lunch (I skipped
breakfast), I informed her that I was a vegetarian and she apologized and
took my lunch away and brought a new one that I could eat.

The doctor checked on me, asked if I thought I needed to stay an extra day,
then gave me a prescription, a note for time off work to recover, and made
sure I was ok when I got into my wife’s car on the way home. He even called
me at home a week later to see how I was progressing.

Within 24 hours, I was admitted to the hospital, had 3 exams, surgery, and
was released. If this is what is considered waiting time, I’m more than
willing to accept it.

While I was watching your movie in the theatre, it made me think back to my
experience, and I realized that I was able to rest and recover at home
without the fear of upcoming medical bills. This is something that I had
never thought of before. Medical care has always been 'free.'

I would hate to be afraid to get medical treatment or take the prescribed
medication because I can not afford it. I would also be horrified to know
that anyone else is being put in that situation. I am more than willing to
'pay' a little more in taxes for that piece of mind for myself, my family,
and my fellow citizens.

Keep fighting the good fight!


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