Monday, July 16, 2007 4:39 PM

I Am a Retired Teacher

From: Peter
Date: Sunday, July 15, 2007 7:32 AM
Subject: Canada

Dear Mr. Moore:

I'm a grandfather, 69 years old. I am a retired teacher and took my undergraduate degree at Western Washington U. Living in the states for 5 years does give me some insight into your country.

My wife and I saw Sicko, and very much enjoyed it. I did volunteer work in Matanzas, Cuba for several winters, and I've seen some hospital conditions that were rather less pleasant than those in Havana, but the point you made was made well.

I also watched your debate on Larry King with Dr. (Chupta?), and thought he was really reaching to defend his position. I admired how you did not back off.

I've heard all the bad stories about health care in Canada, particularly during the time Ms. Clinton was heading the concept of a universal health care system, and the ads I saw then were so inaccurate it was upsetting.

I've lived in Canada for 64 of those 69 years. I've had a daughter, and now have 3 grandkids. Growing up I had the usual tonsils, infections, bumps and bruises..........and a few more serious, like a ruptured Achilles tendon, and a separated shoulder playing rugby. Now I have the aches and pains of getting more mileage on my personal odometer...but never was I refused medical care, and I always was hospitalized immediately. My personal physician I can see within a couple of days if it isn't all that important, and that day if it is important. My daughter was hospitalized for 2 months because she was having twins, and there was a concern about a premature birth. No charge. The most I've ever had to pay was $25 for the rental of crutches, which I needed after my Achilles was sewn back together. I ruptured it on a Sunday, and it was repaired the next day by an orthopedic surgeon. My daughter has never had to pay anything for the care of her kids.

As the saying goes, I'm preaching to the choir. A couple I know in Iowa pay $600 a month in health insurance, she's a retired teacher. I think that's unbelievable.

I wish you every success, 47 million Americans need you.

Vancouver, B.C.

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