Wednesday, July 18, 2007 8:19 PM

The Hoopla on American TV

From: David
Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 12:16 AM
Subject: Canadian Healthcare from the prospective of someone with an illness

Hey Mike,

I've been following the hoopla on American TV about the so called "evils" of Socialized Medicine especially here in Canada. What is so evil about the government taking care of all its citizens (not just those with 7 digit incomes)? That's what government is supposed to be for. CNN makes it seem that Canadian Healthcare makes us wait for unreasonable wait times for major health problems and this is just not so. They will make you wait for minor procedures and cosmetic problems (as should be). But if you are in dire straights and in severe pain you will be seen to as promptly as possible.

Back in 1993 I was living in Calgary, Alberta when I woke up one morning unable to move very well and in severe debilitating pain. I thought it was appendicitis so I called my doctor who had me in his office promptly. He too thought it might be appendicitis but wasn't sure so he called the hospital and had me admitted within 15 minutes. At the hospital they did a series of tests and soon realized my appendix was fine and had me in intensive care within the hour. There I stayed for two weeks while they did a series of test from MRI to Cat Scans as well as others to discover that I suffered from Chron's disease (inflammation of the bowel). They were able to get it under control with medications (during the first 6 months I was taking about 60 pills a day). They also hooked me up with a specialist who helped me a lot over the next few years dealing with my condition.

I moved back to my home town (Windsor, Ontario) 8 years later, after my condition got to the point where I needed to be near family (Chron's unfortunately spread from one small section of my small bowel to infect most of both) and was soon seeing a new specialist no problem. My new specialist (a very competent and professional man) recently sent me in for two tests (an Upper G.I. and Colonoscopy) and both were completed within one week of his request no fuss at all. On top of this I have other occasions were I had to be hospitalized for conditions ranging from Hydrocephalus (which I was born with), an operation to correct a lazy eye (a result of the previous) as well three broken arms. The cost of all this to me and my family has been a big fat zero!!!

Why your government chooses to vilify those like yourself and Mrs. Clinton who had the nerve to stand up and show Americans that the real evil was the Medicine for profit system that believes the bottom line is far more important then the people suffering medically. Mr. Bush is always on the tube ranting about other countries despot's crimes against humanity (sometimes rightly) but never dare talks about his governments crimes against its own citizens. To me me he is nothing but bloody two faced. All Bush seems to care about is making sure his rich buddies get richer quicker and to hell with the consequences -- after all they won't effect him only the working man and the poor and he cares nothing about them. Keep on showing your country the truth and hopefully they will toss the Republicans out on their asses.

Windsor, Ontario

P.S. One question that has nothing to do with this topic. How did you keep from decking Dick Clark (in Bowling for Columbine) when he ignored your valid question about that child's death and his company's business practice that played no small part. He showed a cold hearted attitude that made me want to deck him.

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