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The Government Pays Me

From: Jen
Date: Monday, July 16, 2007 2:59 PM
Subject: Alberta Health Care

Dear Mr. Moore,

First of all kudos to you for your honesty and hard work in bringing the truth to light in all of your work. I agree 100% that there is a reason for the anti-French propaganda from the US government.

Here is my story.

In 1998 I was in a serious motor vehicle accident. I was rushed to the nearest hospital, then to the next largest, and then lifted via Stars Air Ambulance to the Calgary Foothills in Alberta Canada. I remained in intensive care for 6 weeks. Turns out I had fractured my spine in two places, as well as my thumb, rendering me paralyzed from essentially arms down. While I stayed in ICU I had developed pressure sores on my body, despite all efforts to prevent them, as a result they ordered me an $80,000 bed to assist in healing and prevention of the sores. I had several physiotherapist visits per day, several doctor visits per day, portable x-ray machines, countless drugs, and other services.

Following my 6 weeks in ICU, I spent a couple months in a unit dedicated to those who were ill, but did not require the same extreme medical care. There I had a semi-private room, although that being said it was only adjoined by the glass door and bathroom. I had a TV, and a rather huge wall to decorate. I had a daily schedule visiting physios and occupational therapists. I was getting well enough to start physio while waiting for the bones in my neck to heal.

Finally I went to rehab and spent most of my time getting used to the way my body would now work, and finding out what I could and could not do.

In total I spent 6 months in the hospital. I paid nothing for that hospital stay. In fact, currently my own family doctor does not even get paid for some of his services to me. One of the results of paralysis is bladder health. I am now more susceptible to urinary tract infections. Doctors in the clinic, where I receive services do not get paid for telephone prescriptions. Because I often get UTI1s, I know when I need drugs, so I take in a sample to the lab, and a few days later my doctor will phone a prescription in to the pharmacy for me. I don't even need to see a doctor!

As well, due to my paralysis, I require the assistance for others in bathing, dressing, and other daily activities. The health region I am in gives me $2,700/month to hire staff to assist me! So the government pays me to find my own help. The government pays for health care supplies, drugs, and because I initially could not work I received a monthly financial assistance check.

I require a lot of health care, and will continue to do so as I age, as I was 15 when I was injured and am only 24 years old now. It costs me nothing out of my pocket. I am sure glad I live in Canada! I love Canada the way you love the United States. Good luck in your efforts of reform. Everyone deserves free universal health care, not just the wealthy.



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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