Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:50 PM

SiCKO 'Hitman' Lee Einer Strikes Again

Former Insurance Industry 'Hitman' Lee Einer, who appeared in
'SiCKO,' is now a contributor at

As you saw in 'SiCKO,' Lee adds an important insider's perspective of how the insurance industry does whatever it takes to find an excuse not to cover its customers. His new column should help publicize more flaws in our private, profit-driven health care system.
One of the great failures of our current American healthcare system is that it does not -- and cannot -- provide true health insurance to most self-employed Americans.

Why not?

The core concept of health insurance is shared risk, and this is what we have with employer group insurance. With employer groups, the insurance company is insuring not an individual, but rather, a group of individuals. The larger the group, the more predictable the risk the company is taking – with “risk” referring to the likely future healthcare costs of this particular group.
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